“I had Intravenous Nutrition Therapy done with Dr. Anna and I am amazed with the results. I opted for the Ultimate Detox package which offers 3-in-1 treatments.
Within half an hour of the treatment my skin got a healthy glow which is still present over one week on and its appearance has improved overall. Throughout this week I’ve had a lot of people comment on how good I look (it doesn’t happen usually) and the way I am feeling is matching the looks 
My sleep became restorative and I wake up well rested and my energy levels are stable through the day.
The best and most unexpected benefit of the treatment is improvement in my eyesight!
Dr Anna is very professional and stayed with me throughout the whole process (well over an hour). I recommend her services to anyone who wishes to improve their physical health.😀👍👍”

EC, London

“I was first drawn to Anna because of her background as a medical/allopathic/conventional doctor but also her strong focus and wealth of experience in many forms of holistic/complementary medicine. Aside from being just about one of the most warm and compassionate people you could wish to meet, Anna was the first person to introduce me to the idea of the physical body, mind and spirit as a single entity. In doing so, she set me on a path that has been very healing for all aspects of my health. Over the years I’ve struggled with anxiety, OCD and Crohn’s disease and through my work with Anna I have seen great improvement in all of these areas.”
SC, London

“‘thank you so much for all your advice, I’ve lost about half a stone since I saw you, thank you so much- it was really life-changing!”
M, Suffolk

“You gave me the moment of clarity which I needed. I really don’t think it is over egging it to say that yesterday was the day you helped me to start to save my life. You read what I needed absolutely perfectly. thank you once again.”
S, London

“Thank you so much for your time and knowledge and more importantly your understanding regarding my desire to treat my migraine via nutrition rather than drugs. I have already implemented the changes you recommended. ”

W, Suffolk

“I’ve cut right down on the caffeine and my daily blood pressure readings are already starting to show lower average daily readings of 6 points on the systolic reading, which was the problem one. It’s now at the 129 mark. Brilliant, thank you.

“I grew up in a very dysfunctional home. My childhood memories are not those of a loving home with warm gentle parents, laughter and encouragement. Home was the place where my childhood was stolen, my dreams shattered and my self-confidence trodden on.

The end result was a very broken adult who went from one unhealthy relationship to another seeking someone to fix her. In the end it all became too much and so she decided life was no longer worth living.

Fast-track many years later and I am now a mum, wife, friend and confidante. All the things I yearned for was finally mine… but yet I was still not entirely whole. I still had a past that I could not make sense of, memories that were fragmented and fears that I could not tell where they originated from. My past had to be confronted and old demons had to be vanquished.

With an unwavering determination to rid myself once and for all of my past I decided to see Anna Forbes. I felt I would be able to trust her and she would be able to understand me and where I was coming from.
The first session was extremely difficult. It took all the strength I had to get through the door. As the therapy began I became more and more afraid and at my fourth session memories of my terrible past all came flooding back. I was physically sick. I was in tears for days. I was remembering things that for years had been nothing but complete darkness. I wanted to stop then and there. This was all too much. Anna however, kept encouraging me. She never lost patience or pass judgement .

She allowed me to see qualities that I never thought I possessed. I was for the first time seeing myself – not this abused child who later began to self-abuse – but this smart, beautiful, strong woman.
Memories have now been brought to the core and instead of shoving them to the back of beyond I allow myself to remember and deal with them. My husband has mostly noticed the changes that I have undergone. We now have healthy arguments. Before I saw Anna I would go weeks without saying a word to my husband despite sharing a bed and being under the same roof. I would then be ok and it would be as though the past weeks had not occurred. Now I nip that in the bud. I have the arguments, deal with the issue and move on.

I am now able to identify triggers. Those words, smells etc that bring back awful memories. I have learnt to talk a lot more and to accept that my past is simply that – my past. It no longer defines who I am and will not dictate the way I live the rest of my life.

Anna, I will be eternally grateful to you. Thanks for seeing me and thanks for allowing me to step out from the shadows and embrace my reality.”


“Anna, thank you so much for helping me to change my life.
After wondering for years what is wrong with me, why I’m feeling so helpless i decide it to give it a go for hypnotherapy. I googled hypnotherapy for anxiety and i found a website address for pure hypnoanalysis. One of the therapists there recommended to come and see you, and such a good choice!

I felt a bit awkward at the beginning, but with your kindness and professional approach i managed to let it go and focus on my memories.

It was a great journey, a bit hard sometimes, but the result is absolutely wonderful.
I’m feeling light as a feather, is like all my worries flew away.

I’m feeling so calm, serene and content with myself. Such a great feeling! Now, I’m looking forward to my future. I want to grab life with both of my hands! And I’m so chatty now! and HAPPY! God bless you!”

Mihaela G (ex anxiety and social phobia sufferer)

“I went to Anna with a ‘problem’, not expecting her to be able to help but as a last resort. It had been eating away at me for the best part of 4 years. My self esteem had hit rock bottom, I was getting no enjoyment from life and I really didn’t know where else to turn. She was so kind, sympathetic and non-judgmental and made me feel comfortable and secure enough to talk about my deepest darkest feelings and memories. After 2 months of sessions, I can honestly say that she has cured me. I’m enjoying life again and am looking forward to the future and any challenges that lie ahead. Anna, I can’t thank you enough. You’ve saved me! You’re a star.”


“I knew that there were underlying issues regarding my emotional eating and weight gain. The journey which I undertook was at times stressful and scary. Anna’s personality and genuine warmth helped me feel at ease during those scary times. By the end I felt like she had become a close friend who helped me understand the root cause of my symptoms”


“Thank you Anna. More than words can really say. For your professional knowledge and advice but most of all for being you. I am feeling heard, cared for, reassured and encouraged. All wonderful things to be feeling. Thank you for listening, caring and being a very special guide”

L, Surrey

More testimonials to follow…