Primary Benefits of Detoxify Plus and Orassy Health Services

• Detoxify from heavy metals and other toxins that can lead to poor health.
• Tissue regeneration.
• Improve immune system and gut function.
• Address nutrient deficiencies that can be caused by stress, poor diet, and dysfunction of the digestive system.
• Bowel cleanse and support.
• Organ support (e.g. liver, kidneys).
• Address emotional blocks and limiting beliefs preventing you from achieving optimal health and wellbeing.
• Nutritional, Lifestyle and therapy programme to help you to further improve and maintain your health and wellbeing.

Full Integrative Medical Consultation with Dr. Anna Forbes

In this 2h consultation, a full history is taken to understand the many factors that may have contributed to the current situation and state of health. We look at your past and current medical history and lifestyle, as well as psycho-social factors that may be impacting on your health and wellbeing. During this session, analysis of blood results is included*, alongside basic medical tests such as blood pressure, salivary pH, urinalysis, and medical examination is offered according to need. A personalised health programme can then be assimilated based on the outcome of the consultation.

*Blood tests need to be booked separately at additional but heavily discounted cost.


Heavy metals pollute our modern lifestyle. They are often found in medicines, food (e.g. pesticides and processing techniques), tap water, transport and factory emissions, household, DIY and cosmetic products, farming, and gardening chemicals to name but a few! (underlined for you only)

Following their ingestion, inhalation, or absorption by the skin, they are difficult for the body to fully eliminate, and begin to slowly accumulate in our tissues, eventually contributing to organ dysfunction, as they interfere with the body’s normal, healthy processes.

There are many ways in which we can help our bodies to detoxify from heavy metals. The best known of these include vegetable juicing, fasting, drinking plenty of healthily filtered water, aerobic exercise, salt baths, sweating, and nutritional supplements to support the bowels and liver in particular.

Nutrient Replenishment

Detoxify Plus refers to the detoxification process as outlined above, but the outcome is further enhanced by addressing nutritional deficiencies. By replacing essential micronutrients whose insufficiency in the tissues may be contributing to poor cellular function (and therefore organ function), energy levels, good health and wellbeing can be easily restored. This is achieved using a combination of IVNT and oral supplementation to promote optimal organ function.

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy (IVNT)

IVNT offers a direct and rapid path to detoxify the tissues. Glutathione and Vitamin C in combination is an immensely powerful way to achieve detoxification from heavy metals, cleaning up your system, and allowing for healthy organ function to resume. Alongside the use of IVNT, you may be recommended oral supplementation to aid with bowel cleansing to further aid in the detoxification process. Colonic hydrotherapy can also be used in conjunction with IVNT.

Intravenous Nutrient Therapy has been used successfully in private practice worldwide for decades. It has been mostly utilised in the worlds of Aesthetic Medicine and Sports Medicine for the simple reason that improving health makes you look better, and improves performance and recovery rates. Dr, Forbes trained in this therapy with one of the UK’s top experts in the field, Dr. Jacques Otto. It is usually used in Aesthetic Medicine, but Dr. Anna Forbes offers a different application, with a focus on optimising the body’s innate ability to heal itself, and overcome a multitude of health problems in the most natural way, free from side effects. The best programme for this is often the Ultimate Detox and Nutrient Replenishment programme: an eight-week programme that allows for detoxification from heavy metal toxins, and full replacement of essential nutrients. Introducing essential nutrients directly into the vein bypasses the digestive system, and avoids issues with absorption. This means that IV nutrients reach significantly higher blood concentrations than even the highest doses of oral supplementation. When we take IV nutrients we achieve 100% bioavailability of the nutrient compared with only 10% by contrast with oral supplementation due to the limitations of intestinal absorption and hepatic elimination.

The results we see in IV Nutrient Therapy are almost immediate, extensive, and profound. Most people that have a course of therapy are very keen to continue with a maintenance programme (once a month), simply because of the considerable improvements they have experienced with their health and in the way that they feel. Emotional improvements, a general uplift in mood, and significantly higher energy levels are a common side effect! This simply reflects the well-known mind-body connection. Cleaning out the body and optimising plasma nutrient levels improves physical health, which improves mental and emotional wellbeing. Significant skin improvements are a very common consequence also.  IV Nutrient therapy can improve hormone balance, gut health, arterial health, immune function, musculoskeletal growth and repair, cognitive function, and can have a substantial anti-inflammatory effect.


Dr. Forbes and Orassy Health are the first to introduce Plasmolifting to the UK, a unique and powerful therapeutic approach that utilises the body’s own plasma as a natural healing agent to restore the body’s tissues. It is a safe and effective therapy from Germany, with stable and reproducible results. Plasma is considered a very ‘intelligent’ substance: it ‘knows’ what is needed to be done in the body. It contains over 30 types of growth factors, which are substances that facilitate one of the body’s most important healing mechanisms. Growth factors are essential for tissue regeneration, regulating cell growth and division, and helping to clear the body of damaged cells.

Plasma therapy is already available in the UK in the form of PRP, but is confined to the realm of Aesthetic Medicine (facial anti-ageing mostly) as insufficient plasma can be extracted from this technique for a wider scale treatment approach. In contrast, Plasmolifting allows for the substantial extraction of a very stable type of plasma, with no extra blood taking required. Additionally, PRP keeps mainly the platelet component, whereas Plasmolifting produces a more diverse and effective plasma. This plasma contains more platelet types (inactive, active and post-activation) producing a higher number of growth factors, but also the other complex healing elements of plasma, such as vitamins, minerals and amino acids needed for tissue regeneration processes, which are missing from PRP.  Plasmolifting produces an injectable form of plasma that can be universally used for any type of tissue regeneration. Research demonstrates a 60% improvement after one year following just one course of treatment.

A simple blood sample is taken, the blood is then spun in a centrifuge to separate the plasma. The plasma is then re-injected into diseased sites. This ignites an instant and rapid healing process, as the growth factors are released directly to the site that requires healing. Essentially, this is just a highly concentrated, ‘boosted’ version of what already occurs in the body. A remarkably effective natural therapy that uses only the body’s pre-existing innate intelligence, with a helping hand from modern science. Plasmolifting is most frequently used in skin disease and joint disease, but can be used in a wide variety of health matters.

Natural Cosmetic Clinic

Dr. Forbes runs a Natural Cosmetic Clinic, meeting all of your cosmetic needs through natural processes. This includes:

  • Intravenous Nutrient Therapy tailored to your specific requirements
  • Plasmolifting for facial, neck and hand anti-aging and to improve blemishes/damaged skin
  • Plasmolifting to scalp for hair loss, either active or preventative
  • Pain Genie device application for a ‘non-surgical face lift’ (this utilises nerve impulse mimicry to stimulate neuropeptide release and protein production).

Please enquire for further information and to book a short consultation to assess your individual needs.

Orassy Health

When you come for an Orassy Health consultation, or sign up for our Orassy Integrative Medicine programme, one of the first things we do is assess your ‘life state’, which is directly connected to your state of health. Your life state is essentially the way your life is currently playing out in its entirety- the WHOLE picture. Up until now you may have always been told that your health problems are just your luck, or purely genetic. We now understand a great deal beyond this to include the vastly important role of epigenetics and the psycho-social-emotional interplay in the development of symptoms and disease. A large part of disease formation is the direct result of our life state and our choices. All of this is well-known by the medical establishment, but what is not known is how to address these issues effectively, which is why instead the emphasis is on drugs and surgery. Orassy Health offers a new and unique, integrated approach to help you as an individual understand all of these causative factors that have led to your current state of health, and offers you real solutions to your health problems, very different to the ‘sticking plaster’ approach of conventional medicine.

There are three parts to Orassy Health services.

Step 1:

Orassy Wellness Assessment

This is the initial data-gathering process, where we begin to build the picture of your current state of health. We do this by means of a short questionnaire, and by measuring your glucose levels, blood pressure, salivary pH levels, capnography/cellular oxygen uptake, and heart rate variability.

Why are these specific measurements important?

Glucose (blood sugar)

Not only diet-related, but also very dependent on sleep quality and sufficiency, and stress levels- the release of adrenaline causes higher blood sugar levels, which the body can easily handle if this is an occasional short-lived event as nature intended. For many in the modern era though, stress and poor, or insufficient, sleep is an all-pervasive very regular or even continuous situation, which is definitely affecting the body’s ability to regulate blood sugar, which can eventually lead to diabetes mellitus.

pH (body acidity)

Salivary pH gives us an idea of the pH level of the water that your cells, tissues, and organs are operating in. We are mostly made up of water, and as such, the pH of the water within the body is critical for the healthy functioning of our cells. This is a measure of the level of acidity or alkalinity of our body water. Our lifestyle, nutritional status, and stress levels directly affect our pH levels. If you have a squeaky clean diet with plenty of greens and good quality water, but your pH repeatedly measures low (acidic) then we know the stress is coming from a psycho-social-emotional level.

Blood Pressure

Many factors can affect blood pressure: refined salt, excess body weight (especially around the middle), alcohol, caffeine, dehydration… There are other, more subtle factors however, such as subconscious stress, lack of sleep, heavy metal toxicity, and other environmental toxicities such as excessive electromagnetic radiation, artificial chemicals in foods and drinks… A higher blood pressure can be one of the first serious signs of stress in the body, whether from a physical or psychosocial-emotional cause. It is a very common problem in the UK and a vast number of people from their 50s onwards are on medication for it. This is because having a high blood pressure can lead to cardiovascular disease and other end-organ damage such as that of the kidneys. The problem is that a lot of these blood pressure medications can cause their own problems and come with (like most drugs) a long list of possible side effects. Several blood pressure drugs can damage the kidneys for example, and indeed are a common cause of kidney failure. By eliciting the root cause of the blood pressure elevation you can begin to reverse the process, taking the pressure off a lot of your organs, reducing your risk of organ damage by high blood pressure, and by the side effects of medication.

Some people have a problem with low blood pressure, feeling faint or dizzy on standing. This can often be due to dehydration, mineral deficiencies, or stress causing adrenal insufficiency.

Capnography (carbon dioxide release and cellular oxygen uptake)

This involves measurement of your carbon dioxide levels on exhalation, which gives us information regarding the oxygen uptake of your cells. Oxygen is required by the cells for energy production- if there is a low oxygen supply to the cells due to inadequate breathing (e.g. shallow, fast, or erratic) then energy production is reduced, which affects our whole body and the way that we feel. In addition to our energy levels being affected, cells become less healthy and can tend towards disease more readily if their oxygen supply is low. By such a simple thing as learning how to breathe properly, we can easily energise ourselves, and reduce the risk of physical disease.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

For this we use a state-of-the-art device, which measures the degree to which your heart rate varies. A healthy beating heart will speed up and slow down quickly and easily, demonstrating flexibility and adaptability. This phenomenon has been studied intensively for about 50 years, and poor heart rate variability with low coherence correlates highly with disease (i.e. it is predictive of disease if this is not addressed). HRV is used by other private clinics too, but rarely is it interpreted to its full potential, so you do not receive as much information about your health as you could have done with expert interpretation and top of the range equipment. With our highly specialised device and interpretation expertise, you are offered a full interpretation of the condition of your arteries, the flexibility of the arterial walls, and the psycho-emotional causes underpinning the results. The HRV research concludes that this equipment and these measurements are far more accurate and informative than the standard medical ECG with regards to understanding the state of our arteries. Unhealthy arteries (arteriosclerosis) are the immediate cause of heart attacks and strokes.

This initial assessment we offer for free so that anyone can begin to see beyond the somewhat bleaker picture presented by the conventional medical perspective. You will start to realise the interconnectivity of your physical measurements, and that there are reversible causes to your health problems.

Step 2:

Orassy Ultimate Health

Through uncovering the true causes of your health problems, we can then move forward in the right direction, targeting your individual issues, and offering you real and permanent health solutions.

This involves a 1.25h consultation with our Orassy Integrative Medical Doctor. A detailed history is taken and you will receive a full interpretation of the results from the Orassy Wellness Assessment.

From your test results and clinical history we are able to see where the problems lie with regard to your current health status and where the stressors are. They may be predominantly physical, i.e. on a nutritional or environmental/toxicity level, or they could be more psycho-social-emotional in nature, either through inherited patterns, or due to emotional events or traumas that have occurred in your own life.

After your doctor has explained all of the test findings to you, you will then be offered personally tailored health solutions according to your history and results, guiding you onto the right track on your journey back to health. The doctor will discuss any concerns that you might have, and offer you nutritional and lifestyle guidance, as well as recommending the best first steps for you to begin to address your health problems in a personalised and targeted manner. At Orassy Health, we have a wide range of therapies, classes, devices, and therapeutic equipment to address all of your ‘true health’ needs. According to your individual requirements, you will begin a ‘hand-picked’ programme of either one, or a combination, of these therapeutic modalities.

Step 3:

Orassy Integrative Medicine programme

This is a six- or twelve-month programme for individuals who have begun the process of addressing their health issues by doing Steps 1 and 2.

It begins with a longer, more in-depth consultation with our Orassy Integrative Medicine Doctor with whom you will review your progress. It will also involve a full set of blood tests, basic medical tests such as urinalysis, and blood pressure is repeated. A full medical examination is offered if required. Additional private laboratory tests such as stool and further blood tests can be arranged following the appointment. Your doctor will be able to spend time with you, going more deeply into lifestyle, nutritional, and psycho-social-emotional factors that are currently affecting your health.

Following your doctor’s consultation, you will then meet with our Orassy Health Programme Director. Konstantin Pavlidis is the founder of Orassy Health, an Associate Professor in Cognitive Sciences, master therapist of many healing modalities, and unique health innovator. He will work with you to put together the Orassy Health programme that best addresses your personal requirements to really turn your health around using a combination of approaches that is unparalleled elsewhere.

During your six- or twelve-month programme, you will have regular follow-up appointments with your doctor, to monitor your progress and results.

View Health Programmes for further information on our services